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White Wing

White Wing Coozie

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The Coozie pretty much speaks for itself, it’s made to insulate your beverage from the elements, as well as insulate guys nationwide from gaining more clutter in their “gift closet”.

Regarding design, we’ve had multiple requests from retailers to create a beverage-holder of some sort that was our style.  Having seen competitors try unsuccessfully to combine leather and a beverage, we wanted to make sure that it was functional as well as stylish.  With that said, our Coozie starts with a neoprene liner that is sewed on the inside of the leather in order to insulate as well as keep cans and bottles from sweating on and through the leather.  The snaps on the side were added for style as well as easy breakdown to flatten out for travel.  Bottom line?  This Coozie can be used for it’s intended purpose instead of a pencil holder with your name on it.