Thank You From A Grateful Heart

Thank You From A Grateful Heart

To put into words the gratitude I have for each & every one of you is impossible but I will do my best.


11 whole years of joy, growth, learning and loving. 11 years of going to markets across the country and thinking about each of you individually “Nicole would love this!” “This color would look great in Jamie,” “This fit is perfect on Dana.” 11 years of my Studio 3:19 family encouraging me as I was struggling with anxiety, planning a wedding + getting married, moving and family tragedies just to touch on a few. 11 years of customers turned to friends praying for me and lifting me up. 11 years of inspiring me to be a better person, a better entrepreneur, a better member of the community and following my dreams in starting my own clothing line, Molly Day.


I could go on for hours but you all have bellies to fill and family memories to make and I’ve got lots of Black Friday prep to do (for the best one yet). Thank you for the best year to date. I mean it when I say I love you all and I am truly grateful for each one of you. Wishing you the happiest thanksgiving full of memories, delicious desserts & contagious laughter.


Thank you from a grateful heart,


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